Pass the GED today

Q. How much does the test cost?
& Where can I take the GED exam?

Some places are free! Pass The GED Today! tells you all about this. Pass The GED Today! provides you with information and toll free phone numbers so you can take the GED test when & where you want anywhere in the U.S.A. There are more than 3000 locations near you!

Q. Can I take the GED test on-line?
No! You need to go to an official testing center. Pass The GED Today! provides you with a list and phone numbers associated with every official testing center in America. Don’t be fooled by imitations.

Q. How long is the test?
Pass The GED Today! Explains everything about the test. And better yet, we show you how to pick the correct answers! You will be prepared if you simply follow this easy program.

Q. Is the GED test the same in every state?
Yes, this is called a “standardized test.” However, some states grade their tests differently. Don’t worry, Pass The GED Today! students pass in the top 20% of all students across the country!

Q. What if I can’t do math?
Math, English, Science….it does not matter! Pass The GED Today! shows you exactly how to pick the correct answers in all subjects…even if you are terrible at math you will do well if you follow our easy method.

Q. What if I have learning disabilities, or speak another language?
Pass The GED Today! supplies you with numerous options that will assist you with these problems. We tell you exactly what to do in order to see if you are qualified to take a “modified” (easier) test. We also tell you everything that you need to know if you’d like to take the exam in another language other than English.